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Looking for Electric and Natural Gas Supply rates?

Take control of your Natural Gas and Electricity supply costs today!

The Power of Great Advice.


At Pursuit Energy Solutions, we empower commercial and industrial clients across New England and Texas to navigate the complexities of electric and natural gas markets with confidence. Our expertise in energy consulting transcends mere cost savings; we are committed to optimizing your energy consumption, enhancing operational efficiency, managing risk, and driving sustainable growth.


Through our comprehensive services, including budget preparation and analysis, risk management, and innovative green energy solutions, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you're aiming to reduce your environmental footprint, manage energy costs more effectively, or prepare for future energy demands, Pursuit Energy Solutions is your trusted partner.


We not only provide insights and strategies, but also equip you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring your energy strategy aligns with your business objectives. Let us help you turn energy management into a competitive advantage.

Meet Our Family of Pursuit Energy Solutions

We help customers take control of their energy costs by negotiating electricity and Natural Gas contracts for commercial and industrial customers.

Need help preparing a budget for electricity and Natural Gas? Pursuit Energy is happy to help customers create and track their utility budgets.

Capacity costs can be up to 20% of a customer’s electricity supply costs.  We help customers understand these costs and advise customers on ways to reduce and better manage these costs.

Pursuit Energy offers multiple sources of Green Energy for customers interested in reducing their carbon footprint.


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We provide electricity and natural gas consulting services throughout New England and Texas.

Pursuit Energy Solutions was founded in 2018 with the goal of changing the way companies purchase electricity and natural gas.  The electric and natural gas supply markets have become more difficult to navigate. With extreme volatility, pass-through charges, different swing tolerances, and lengthy contracts, it is harder than ever for consumers to make an informed decision. Pursuit Energy Solutions brings years of deregulated experience to assist every customer in making these difficult decisions. Our talented professionals and industry experts assist each customer with a 100% transparent process.

Pursuit Energy Solutions provides Electricity and Natural Gas consulting and brokerage services to Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers. Our goal is to work with clients to develop long-term purchasing strategies that match their unique needs. We work with top tier electricity and natural gas suppliers and provide a robust bid process for all customers. In addition, our 100% transparent free structure provides peace of mind for our clients that they know exactly how much Pursuit charges for our services. In a business that has thrived for years on undisclosed fees and misaligned incentives, we strive to shine light on the bid process.
Do you know how much your current broker is charging you?


Charlie Abrams
CEO at Dela Inc.

Pursuit Energy Solution’s knowledge is second only to their integrity.

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