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Open your Commercial Electric Bill without Losing your Cool.

Pursuit Energy Solutions Case Studies




​Customer: Dela Inc.

Like many Massachusetts businesses, Dela Incorporated has had to deal with some of the nation’s highest electricity costs since their founding.  After years of sticking with the host utility, Dela’s CEO, Charlie Abrams, was approached by Sean Wirth of Pursuit Energy Solutions about potentially switching from the utility and purchasing from a competitive supplier.  Charlie remained skeptical but gave Sean the opportunity to evaluate his electricity supply load in March, 2019 to see if there was an opportunity that made financial sense.  

   After going through the bid process, Sean reported back that the best option was to remain with the utility for several factors.  As Charlie would describe it, “I expected a hard sales pitch and to be told why I should switch away from the utility.  When Sean came back and told me I was better off staying where I was, I understood that he was truly looking out for my best interest.”

   Fast forward 3 months and Charlie heard from Sean who had continued to monitor prices after their last meeting.  He mentioned that pricing for his account had dropped significantly after his new Capacity Tag was reported in June, and it would be worthwhile to meet again.  At the meeting, Sean was able to present Charlie with a fixed price option that allowed him to lock in a fixed price that was over 20% lower than the utility rates over the past 12 and 24 months.  In addition, it provided a fixed price that would not be subject to the same extreme fluctuations that are common with Massachusetts utility companies and their variable rates.  
Prior to moving forward, Sean went through each of the different pricing options available and the contract language associated with each supplier and term to make sure that Charlie understood them and the pros and cons of each proposal.  After selecting the contract he was most comfortable with, Charlie moved forward with an agreement.  To summarize Charlie’s experience working with Pursuit Energy, Charlie said “Overall, I was very impressed with the professionalism and integrity of Pursuit Energy.  He has a long-term approach to working with customers and he made the process easy and put it in language that was easy to understand.  His market knowledge is second only to his integrity.  I have recommended Sean and Pursuit Energy Solutions to friends.”

Pursuit Energy Solutions is a full-service Electricity and Natural Gas consulting firm that assists Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers to navigate complex deregulated energy markets.  Pursuit works with customers to develop customized, long term purchasing solutions that fit within the client’s risk tolerance and budgetary needs.

Case Studies
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