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Frequently Asked Questions


Discover questions that we're asked often, and if there's something you're wondering about or need clarification on, please contact one of our electricity experts at 1-800-773-7605 or email us anytime at

  • How will this impact my host utility (i.e. Eversource or National Grid)?
    Switching to a competitive supplier has no impact whatsoever on your relationship with your host utility. When electricity was deregulated, utilities were required to sell their own generating assets and only profit on the Transmission and Distribution of the electricity and Natural Gas. Therefore, utilities are completely indifferent to customers switching to a competitive supplier. In addition, there is no difference in reliability and if the power goes out you still call the utility. If you work closely with your utility on energy efficiency programs such as LED Lighting where rebates from the utility are common, this will also not be affected.
  • Where is Pursuit Energy Solutions Licensed?
    Pursuit Energy Solutions provides electricity and Natural Gas behind every utility in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. If you are located in any of these service territories, please reach out to initiate a discussion on how PES can help your business better control your electricity and natural gas supply rates.
  • What industries and types of customers do we work with?
    We work with commercial and industrial customers in pretty much every industry you can think of. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Restaurant, Hospitality, Property Management/Real Estate, and Retail are just a few. Please give us a call to learn more and see if Pursuit Energy Solutions can help better control and budget your electricity and Natural Gas Supply costs.
  • How does Pursuit Energy Solutions charge for their services?
    As your electricity and/or Natural Gas consultant, PES includes a small fee per kWh or dth into the price of electricity or Natural Gas that you purchase from the supplier. These rates are typically between $0.001/kWh and $0.003/kWh for electricity and $0.1 to $0.3 per dekatherm for Natural Gas. We believe in a transparent fee schedule.
  • How is Pursuit Energy Solutions fee paid?
    PES includes our fee in the cost per kWh or dth that we present to you. By including this cost in your overall electricity supply contract, you never have to pay us directly for our services. Once you pay the supplier, they then pay us for our efforts. We believe this is why having a transparent fee structure is so important because most brokers tend to increase their fee when they can offer a renewal contract that is lower than what the customer is currently under contract paying. Our fee remains the same regardless of which supplier or product that the customer selects.
  • Why work with a consultant or broker?
    There are many reasons why we believe it is more advantageous for a customer to work with Pursuit Energy Solutions rather than negotiating their electricity or Natural Gas supply contracts directly with a supplier. We’ve outlined some of the most significant benefits in The Pursuit Advantage, click here.
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