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Why work with a consultant or broker like Pursuit Energy Solutions?


There are many reasons why we believe it is more advantageous for a customer to work with Pursuit Energy Solutions rather than negotiating their electricity or Natural Gas supply contracts directly with a supplier. We’ve outlined some of the most significant benefits below.

We do this every day…

We are looking at the market every single day 365 days per year.  This includes tracking direction of the market and looking for strategic buying opportunities.  If you as a purchaser do this once a year, or once every few years, you are going to be at a significant disadvantage.  Any time you work with a Consultant, you should expect a return on your investment.  At Pursuit Energy Solutions, we are confident that our market timing, negotiating power with suppliers, and capacity tag management services will result in you getting a lower price than you would if you went directly to a supplier.

Contract language matters!

There are over 70 suppliers providing electric supply rates to commercial customers and each of them significantly different contract language.  In addition, there are several different state and federal charges that are being implemented in the next several years.  We’ve found that each supplier is treating these costs very differently.  While some are including the costs, others will be passing them through to you as the consumer when they occur.
Let Pursuit Energy Solutions use our expertise in comparing the rates for you.  We thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each contract and what potential risks could be in the different supplier contracts.  This not only will save you a significant amount of time, but also save you from unexpected costs down the road.

We start looking at renewal pricing the day your first contract is signed

Have you ever had an electricity supply contract lapse and get put onto a holdover or market-based rate that resulted in a huge price spike?  Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many customers that try to do this on their own, or use brokers that are less attentive to their customers. Most customers don’t know that at the expiration of a contract, very few suppliers , if any, will drop you back to the utility if you don’t renew, and instead carry you on a holdover or market-based rate.  Considering 90+% of electricity supply contracts expire in November or December, this is the worst time to be lapsing into a holdover rate where rates can be 2 to 3 times as high as your last contracted fixed price. Pursuit Energy Solutions will provide weekly or monthly renewal prices for your contract the day after your first contract is signed.  We work with customers to develop long term purchasing strategies and help customers understand what their costs will likely be for their next contract so there are no surprises.  We also work with customers to develop strike prices where if a low enough price is hit, they are immediately alerted so they can transact on this opportunity.

Work with a partner you can trust with a transparent fee schedule

One of the most common complaint we hear from customers is how time consuming and frustrating it is to try to shop their electricity and Natural Gas costs with a broker. Most customers don’t realize that suppliers will only provide pricing for 1 broker at a time making it almost impossible for customers to competitively compare pricing.  The incumbent broker has a significant advantage when it comes to renewing a contract making it very difficult for them to lose the deal which results in a higher price for you as the customer.

By working with Pursuit Energy Solutions, we provide a transparent fee structure to our customers so that you don’t have to try to work with multiple different brokers where you still can’t get an accurate fee comparison.  Our fee structure gives customers the peace of mind knowing that they are not being overcharged.

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