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Energy Consulting

Pursuit Energy Solutions provide electricity and Natural Gas consulting and brokerage services to Commercial and Industrial users in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Texas.  Energy markets have become more complex than ever over the past few years.  With many state and federal changes on the horizon, contract language has become more important than ever.  We use our years of expertise in the deregulated markets along with stellar supplier relationships to help our customers develop long term purchasing strategies that meet budget expectations while staying within their risk tolerance.

We also work on a transparent fee structure so that our clients know how much we are charging for our services.  The current market setup is extremely skewed in favor of incumbent brokers which allows them to make excessive margins with no competition.  It is our view that we should be working as partners rather than on a transactional basis and transparency plays a large part in a successful relationship.  There is no difference in our fee regardless of supplier, product, or term which allows us to give the most unbiased advice possible.

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