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Energy Solutions



Pursuit Energy Solutions offers a robust portfolio of Electricity related products.  We perform a comprehensive review of current electricity consumption as well as your current contract. We then assist in finding the product that best matches a customer’s risk tolerance and need for budget certainty. Finally, we perform due diligence on all supplier’s contracts and work with customers to determine which best suits their needs. Traditional electricity supply products include fixed price, block and index, fixed with capacity pass through, and index or market based products.

Natural Gas

New England’s Natural Gas markets are arguably more complicated and volatile than its electricity markets. Utilizing a similar review process, Pursuit Energy Solutions works with Natural Gas users to determine which product will work best for them. Given the large differences between the available Natural Gas products, we work with customers to educate them about their choices and the risks associated with each contract. Natural Gas is typically sold as a daily balanced, monthly balanced, or Full-Swing product.