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National Grid Industrial Rates For Q1 2020 Are Still Not Posted

Creating budgets and managing costs are critical to the success of any business. This is especially true for manufacturers and heavy energy users when it comes to their utility costs. Unfortunately, industrial customers in Rhode Island that are purchasing their electricity supply costs find themselves in the unenviable position not knowing their supply rates for any months in 2020. This is especially difficult when you consider that January through March tend to be the most expensive months of the year and the greatest fluctuations.

It is situations like these that lead many commercial and industrial companies turn to the competitive supply markets to lock in a fixed price from 12-60 months where extensions can be priced and executed at any time. If you are interested in learning more about how Pursuit Energy Solutions can help you better manage your electricity and Natural Gas costs please give us a call.

About Pursuit Energy Solutions

Pursuit Energy Solutions provides Electricity and Natural Gas consulting services for customers in Massachusetts and New England. Our goal is to work with clients to develop long term purchasing strategies that match their unique needs. We work with New England’s premiere electricity and Natural Gas suppliers and provide a robust bid process for all customers. In addition, our 100% transparent free structure provides peace of mind for our clients that they know exactly how much Pursuit charges for our services. In a business that has thrived for years on undisclosed fees and misaligned incentives, we strive to shine light on the bid process.

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